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If you love crazy plays, then you're absolutely going to love what happened in the first half of Washington's 20-9 win over Cincinnati on Sunday. 

With just over 12 minutes to play in the second quarter, the Bengals were facing a fourth-and-goal from Washington's three-yard line and instead of sending out their field goal unit, the Bengals decided to go for it and that's when the craziness started. 

On the fourth-down play, Joe Burrow took a shotgun snap, couldn't find anyone to throw to, so he decided to take off and try to score the touchdown himself. At that point, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft had a very unfortunate run-in with the No. 2 overall pick in the 2020 Draft. In laymen's terms, Burrow got destroyed by Chase Young

That was an impressive play by Young, but that's not even the crazy part here. 

Although this play appeared to end with a fumble recovery in the end zone for Washington, the officiating crew ruled that Washington recovered the ball in the field of play, then fumbled back into the end zone and then got tackled in the end zone, which means the Bengals were going to be awarded two points for a safety... but wait, there's more!

The Bengals were also called for holding on the play, which Washington accepted, so the safety was taken off the scoreboard and it appeared the Bengals were going to get another try at fourth down from Washington's 13-yard line. Let's listen to the ref explain that. 

After catch a break where it appeared they were going to get another crack at fourth down, the Bengals were ready to kick a field goal, but first, the officiating crew had to review the play. After the review, the officials ruled that the first Washington defender never had possession, which means the end zone recovery by Ronald Darby was the only true recovery, so the play was ruled a touchback instead of a safety. Once the touchback was official, Washington declined the holding penalty that the Bengals had been called for. 

If the ruling on the play still sounds confusing, let's check out what they wrote in the scorebook, maybe that will help clear things up. 

OK no, that didn't clear anything up at all. Also, if you read that entire thing without taking a break, congratulations, you have more patience than me. 

As for Burrow, although he came out unscathed after the hit from Young, the Bengals quarterback suffered a potentially season-ending injury in the third quarter and you can read more about his injury by clicking here