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Roger Goodell doesn't sound like he's going to be stepping down as NFL commissioner any time soon, but if he does, and the league decides to put Joe Burrow in charge, there's one rule that the Bengals quarterback will be changing right away. 

During an interview with Colin Cowherd this week, Burrow revealed the one big change he would immediately make to the NFL rulebook. 

"Offensive and defensive holding would be the same penalty," Burrow said. "Defensive holding is only five yards, offensive holding is 10 yards. I just think they should be the same."

One thing that's not clear here is whether Burrow wants the defensive penalty to match the offensive penalty or the offensive penalty to match the defensive penalty. Most offensive players love the defensive holding rule because not only do you get five yards, but you also get an automatic first down. If a defense gets called for holding on a third-and-25, the offense gets an automatic first down even though the penalty is only for five yards. 

It's also possible that Burrow is pushing for the college rule. The NCAA just changed its defensive holding rule this year. Under the new rule, any team flagged for defensive holding will be penalized 10 yards and the opposing offense will be given an automatic first down. 

Unfortunately for Burrow, there's never been a huge push in the NFL to change the punishment for defensive holding. The league did briefly consider changing the pass interference rule from a spot foul to a 15-yard penalty in 2018, but that proposal didn't really go anywhere. 

If he were in charge, Burrow would also consider changing the length of the preseason, but he's not adamantly against the current setup, which has each team playing three games. 

"I would continue to make it shorter, like one or two games, but it is a great chance for young guys to go out there and get an opportunity so you have to take that into account too," Burrow said. "I think three is a good number."

One thing Burrow didn't talk about in this interview was the Ja'Marr Chase injury and that's because the conversation took place before the news of Chase's injury came out. For the latest updates on Chase, be sure to click here