Brett Favre was unconscious for almost 15 seconds after taking the final hit of his career. (USATSI)

Brett Favre took a lot of big hits in his 20-year NFL career, but only one hit ever knocked him out cold: the very last one. In a radio interview with KTCK-AM in Dallas, Favre described the hit that knocked him unconscious and eventually ended his career.

The Vikings were hosting the Bears on Monday Night Football and the game was being played outdoors at TFC Bank Stadium in Minneapolis because the Metrodome roof had collapsed one week earlier. 

"My last play. Actually the only time in my career when I was completely out. Ten to 15 seconds," Favre said, via ESPNWisconsin. "Miserable night, the dome had collapsed, our season had gone from bad to worse. I didn't have to play in the game, wanted to. I remember telling myself in pregame, 'you're an idiot, what do you stand to gain in this?' But I thought, 'I'll survive this game, I'll be fine.'"

Survive the game is what Favre didn't do. A second quarter sack by Bears defensive lineman Corey Wootton gave Favre a concussion and ended his career. 

"[It was] one of the most minor hits I've ever [taken]," Favre said. "The guy didn't even hit me, he pushed me. I threw the ball and the field of course was solid ice, it was like concrete. I hit the left side of my head and the next thing I remember, I was snoring as our trainer was kind of shaking me saying, 'Are you OK?' I look at the footage, even though it wasn't long, there was that 10-15 second period where I was asleep." 

Favre's concussion was so severe, he didn't even know who the Vikings were playing, "I remember looking at our trainer Suge (Eric Sugarman) and saying, 'Suge, what are the Bears doing here?'"

After the hit, Favre seemed to realize his career was over, "As I was getting to the sidelines, I thought 'Now if there was ever a time where the writing is on the wall, this is it,'" Favre said. "Went in, took a shower, got some hot cocoa, got a hot dog and said, 'That's it. I'm going to watch the next two or three [games].'"

The next thing for Favre could be a retirement ceremony in Green Bay. Packers team president Mark Murphy said in March that it's going to happen and Favre seems to be on board with it, "As far as coming back to Green Bay? We'll do it one day," Favre said. 

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