Former NFL star Brett Favre missed a deadline to pay the $228,000 in interest that he owes the state of Mississippi in a welfare case, a state auditor revealed on Turesday. The case is related to a public speaking contract that the former Green Bay Packers quarterback never fulfilled with the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program.

Auditor Shad White revealed that the case is now being turned over to the state attorney general's office. He added that the attorney general is in change of making sure that the auditor's demands are met. Last month, Favre paid $600,000 he owed to the state of Mississippi, which was the last portion of the $1.1 million that the auditor said Favre received from a nonprofit organization. The money was supposed to go to those in need.

"My understanding is the AG and the Department of Human Services have given authority to a private attorney to recoup the misspent money," White tweeted. "We have been in contact with that attorney and will provide him any information he needs."

While Favre does owe the $228,000 in interest, he is not facing criminal charges in the case. The leader of the nonprofit organization is currently awaiting trial in one of the largest embezzlement cases in Mississippi history, however.

"Of course the money was returned because I would never knowingly take funds meant to help our neighbors in need, but for Shad White to continue to push out this lie that the money was for no-show events is something I cannot stay silent about," Favre tweeted in October.

Favre maintained that he filmed commercials, which he claims is why he was paid by the nonprofit organization. However, White revealed that Favre's contract stated that he needed to give speeches and a radio advertisement.