Brett Favre
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Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre is facing some tough questions about the roughly $1 million in welfare funds he received from the state of Mississippi in exchange for speeches he allegedly did not make. Federal authorities have questioned Favre about the scandal, per a report from NBC News.

Favre's lawyer, Bud Holmes, said that the legendary Green Bay Packers quarterback was not aware that the money was supposed to be used to assist poor families when he accepted it. Holmes also noted that Favre has not been charged with a crime, but he was questioned by the FBI.

In total, Favre has repaid $1.1 million in fees for motivational speeches he did not give, but he does still owe $228,000 in interest. Last October, auditor Shad White said that the state could take Favre to court if he does not pack back the interest in full.

"If he does not pay that within 30 days of our demand, the AG will be responsible for enforcing the payment of the interest in court," White said.

The money was supposed to go to needy families through two non-profit organizations, but that never happened. In Favre's case, the organization Families First For Mississippi paid him to speak in front of the foundation. Former Mississippi governor Phil Bryant has also been investigated for his role in the alleged misuse of funds.