Denver Broncos 2022 season did not end as the team wanted it to, or as many expected, as the Broncos finished 5-12 and last in the AFC West. Quarterback Russell Wilson did not live up to expectations, the coaching staff struggled and injuries did not help.

The wide receiver room has been hit especially hard with injuries in the last few seasons, with Jerry Jeudy, Courtland Sutton, Tim Patrick and KJ Hamler only playing together twice in the the last three years. 

This season is already shaping up to be better for the group. Patrick tore his ACL last season, but it is looking like he will be ready to play in 2023 and Hamler is expected to be ready for training camp. 

Jeudy knows the value of having his counterparts healthy and reflected on how difficult it was having players sidelined for so long. 

"It means a lot," Jeudy said (via the team's official website). "We haven't been all on the same field in [how long], since my rookie year? So you know, it's been a tough few years. But having everybody on the field at the same time, it's going to be big, because I know what we're capable of, and they know what we're capable of. So having everybody on the same field is going to be a hard group of guys to stop."

The 24-year-old said having Sean Payton as a head coach will help his game improve. 

"He coaches me in every way he can," Jeudy said. "Every little detail that he's seen me mess up on, he gives me his opinion on it and thinking of ways for me to get better. I appreciate having a coach that's that dedicated in really helping me to become the best player I can be."

The first-year Broncos coach has the experience the team needs and the expertise that Jeudy feels can elevate the offense.

"He's a great offensive-minded guy. So him just putting players in the right position and just so they can be successful with different alignments, moving me around and stuff like that, and also just having the other guys around me that it's hard to just focus on me, because we got KJ, we got Court, Tim Patrick, we got the running backs," Jeudy said "... It's going to be a lot of pieces that you have to focus on that he knows what to do with."

The fourth-year receiver also has confidence in his quarterback, calling Wilson a "soldier."

"So just the way he handles his business, the way he handles situations, I just know the type of guy he is and the stuff that he can overcome," Jeudy said (via the team's official website). "... In the situations like that, that don't put no fear into a man's heart. And I know that this year, he got a big year coming ahead."

The Broncos open the 2023 season on Sept. 10 when they play host to the Las Vegas Raiders