If you plan on watching Thursday night's game between the Rams and Seahawks, make sure to have a pair of sunglasses nearby because you might need them after laying eyes on Seattle's uniforms.

When the Seahawks take the field Thursday, they'll be decked out in all-green. This isn't just any green either. The Seahawks will be wearing a bright, fluorescent green that they're calling "Action Green."

Basically, Nike took Slimer from the Ghostbusters and turned him into a uniform color for the Seahawks. Here's linebacker Bobby Wagner modeling the all-green look.

Get ready for all-green. Seahawks.com

That's a uniform combination that will definitely let you know if you're getting your money's worth out of the HD part of your HDTV.

If you're going to be in Seattle for the game, you'll probably want to be wearing green, because apparently, everyone else in Seattle will be wearing that color.

The Seahawks' mascot? Yup, he's wearing green.

The cheerleaders? Yup, wearing green.

Dogs? Apparently, green is also encouraged for them.

The Seahawks will also have booths set up at the game where they will happily paint your face bright green or spray paint your hair bright green. The end zones on the field will also be green.

CenturyLink Field is also expected to utilize every green light bulb in the city to light the stadium before the game. This is what the light testing looked like on Tuesday night.

The team and the city are definitely taking this green thing seriously.

Anyway, this actually isn't the first time that the Seahawks have worn a green jersey. Back in 2009, the Seahawks wore a green jersey with blue pants in a loss to the Bears.

Since Seattle lost the game, the jerseys were basically banished. The Color Rush game will mark the first time they've gone all green.

As for the Rams, their Color Rush jersey was supposed to be the same one they wore last year, which was all yellow.

The Rams won't be going all-yellow against the Seahawks. USATSI


However, those jerseys won't be happening because everyone would go blind trying to watch bright green versus bright yellow for three hours. Just kidding, it won't be happening because the colors are too closely related.

Since the Seahawks are wearing green, the Rams will be going with an all-white look for the game.

It will be all-white vs. all-green on Thursday night. Twitter/uniwatch

The Rams' official Color Rush uniform combo is all-yellow, which means you can purchase a yellow jersey online, but again, they won't be wearing that on Thursday.

Rams coach Jeff Fisher hated the yellow Color Rush jerseys. Unfortunately though, he won't be around to enjoy the white ones.

The coolest thing about the Rams' all-white uniform combo is that they'll be breaking out a white-and-blue helmet for the first time in 50 years.

Although teams can't wear a different helmet, they are allowed to switch the decal on their helmet, which is what the Rams will do for this game.

The Rams are definitely keeping their equipment team busy, as the Color Rush game will mark the third time this year that the Rams have changed up the horn decal on their helmet.

To see these uniforms in action, you'll need to tune in to NBC or NFL Network for the Rams-Seahawks game on Thursday night (8:25 p.m. ET). You'll also be able to stream the game on Twitter.

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By the way, just in case you're wondering, the Color Rush craze will continue in Week 16 -- without much color -- when the Eagles (all-black) host the Giants (all-white).