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Derek Carr will be playing somewhere in the NFL next season, but that specific destination has yet to be hammered out. One thing that's certain is that the veteran quarterback won't be in Las Vegas as the club has made it clear they are going to move on after he spent the first nine years of his career with the organization. Now, the Raiders have granted Carr permission to speak with teams who are possibly interested in trading for him, according to Adam Schefter

However, there is a caveat to Las Vegas' decision to let Carr speak with inquiring teams. The report notes that those interested clubs will also need to have agreed to compensation with the Raiders before speaking with Carr. 

This is the same model that the Houston Texans followed with Deshaun Watson as they looked to -- and eventually did -- trade him last offseason. Those teams that wanted their shot at speaking with Watson about possibly coming aboard needed to agree on the parameters of a trade with the Texans before doing so. 

Even with that first step as part of the equation, things could move rather quickly in this situation. Carr has $40.4 million in contract money that becomes guaranteed if he's still on the Raiders roster by Feb. 15, three days after Super Bowl LVII. Carr noted this week that he would not be extending that deadline to help out what is soon to be his former club, saying: "I don't think that would be best for me." 

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Things have been a bit salty between Carr and the Raiders after the team benched him for the final two weeks of the regular season, effectively proclaiming to the rest of the league that he was done in Las Vegas. During the Pro Bowl games on Thursday night, Carr donned zero Raiders gear and even ribbed the club after finishing with the highest score during the precision passing contest. 

"Not that hot," Carr said when asked if he'd ever been that hot throwing the football before. "That's probably why I'm going somewhere else." 

Of course, there's always the option for the Raiders to release Carr and avoid that $40.4 million bill, but it does appear like the club is set on trading him and recouping some assets. 

"There's going to be people interested in Derek Carr. There's no doubt about that," Raiders GM Dave Ziegler told SiriusXM NFL radio on Thursday. "He's been a good football player in this league for quite some time. Like I said, he's a phenomenal human being, and we'll kind of see where it goes." 

Given that Feb. 15 deadline, it does seem like the rubber will meet the road in short order, and teams may already be lining up their proposals for the Raiders so they can speak with Carr about being his next home in the NFL.