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The Houston Texans are attempting to keep star quarterback Deshaun Watson in the fold, but recent events this offseason have put his future in doubt. The recent activity in the front office and Watson's reported lack of say in the general manager and head coaching searches have greatly upset the franchise quarterback -- and could end with him playing for a new team in 2021. Mores specifically, Texans owner Cal McNair rubbed Watson the wrong way by hiring former New England Patriots executive Nick Caserio as Houston's new general manager, and retaining Jack Easterby as executive vice president of football operations.

While the relationship between the Texans and their quarterback has reportedly never been worse, Watson took to Twitter on Tuesday with a single statement centered around patience. Check out what he posted, here:

It's not always smart to dive too deeply into a single tweet, but could Watson be trying to find some patience concerning his current situation with the Texans, or just about when the team will finally agree to deal him to another franchise? During ESPN's Postseason NFL Countdown show on Saturday, Adam Schefter shed some light on just how bad the situation in Houston is, and also reported that Watson has no plans to be with the Texans moving forward.

"Let's go back to last Sunday," Schefter said (H/T 247Sports). "I tweeted out that one person close to Watson said that if his anger level after they traded DeAndre Hopkins last offseason was a two, this time, it's a 10. And sure enough, what did Deshaun Watson tweet yesterday? 'I was on two and I took it to 10,' validating exactly what everyone thinks and knows.

"He is one unhappy camper and has no plans to be with the Houston Texans anytime soon -- if ever."

The NFL world will continue to watch the situation in Houston closely. As of now, the Texans have not shown any interest in trading Watson away.