Back in February, a story surfaced that suggested the Cowboys were hesitant to give Dez Bryant a long-term contract extension because the team was concerned that an incriminating video of Bryant existed. 

At the time, Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio told a Dallas radio station that the video was possibly one of the biggest obstacles in the Cowboys' negotiations with Bryant.  

"There's talk of a video," Florio said. "I don't know that it exists. I know that among the people in the business it has been a commonly discussed reality for months now. ... People think that's what's keeping the Cowboys from making the long-term major commitment. ... If that thing pops the day after they give him $50 million guaranteed, that's a problem."

It's now been over six weeks since Bryant signed his new deal with the Cowboys and of course, no video popped. 

Bryant has never gone on record about the video, but he did this week in an interview with Rolling Stone.

The Cowboys wide receiver says that he had never heard anything about a video until owner Jerry Jones brought up the subject in 2014. 

"The first time I heard that was from Mr. Jones last season: He said there was a tape of me that might get out," Bryant said. 

If Bryant's version of events is accurate, that means Jones absolutely thought a tape existed at the time of the conversation -- and still might think that. Notice, Jones wasn't concerned that a tape existed -- he said it did exist -- his biggest concern was that it might get out. 

In late February, with people trying to hunt down the purported video, a police report that included Bryant's name was uncovered.

The report, from 2011, was related to an "unknown disturbance" in a Wal-Mart parking lot. The disturbance turned out to involve a report of a woman being dragged from a vehicle that was registered to Bryant.

From our story in February

When police responded to the disturbance, a Wal-Mart security guard notified authorities that no one was there when he arrived at the scene. A door to a white Mercedes Benz -- where the woman was pulled out of -- was found open with a child's toy on the ground.

The woman was questioned by officers and told them that she was "not assaulted or injured in any way." The police later talked to Bryant, who told them that he went to pick her up from a different location and accompanied her to the Walmart parking lot for "support."

Police would determine that no crime had been committed and everyone was sent on their way.

Wal-Mart would later say that video from that incident didn't exist, "because no charges had been filed, the company would not have pulled the security footage at the time and created a videotape of the incident," the company said in a statement

Things took another turn in the Rolling Stone story though, thanks to David Wells, who's no longer on good terms with the Cowboys wide receiver.

Bryant, who lived with Wells for over three years, now believes the man is a "thief and a liar."

Rolling Stone asked Wells if he had leaked the story about the video to either Jones or the media and Bryant's advisor claimed he didn't, although he did seem to believe that a video definitely exists.  

"Have you seen the police report? Have you heard the 911 call? Something happened in that parking lot, and I didn't drum it up," Wells said. 

Bryant was living with Wells in 2011, the same year the Wal-Mart incident was reported. Although Wells mentions a 911 call, police haven't released one from the incident and haven't indicated that one even exists. 

Wells still does odd jobs for the Cowboys and still works with new players. Bryant stays away from him, but he seems to be hoping that one day, Wells gets close to Greg Hardy

"Just let Dave try to mess with Greg Hardy," Bryant said. "He'll slap the bitch right outta him!"

Dez Bryant is finally talking about that rumored Wal-Mart video. (USATSI)
Dez Bryant is finally talking about that rumored Wal-Mart video. (USATSI)