When the New England Patriots took a visit to the White House on April 23 to celebrate the team's Super Bowl win, there was one notable absence: Tom Brady

According to the Patriots, Brady skipped out on the White House visit because he had a previously planned "family commitment."

As it turns out though, Brady wasn't with his family when the Patriots went to Washington DC on the morning of April 23. According to ESPN.com, the Patriots quarterback was actually at Gillette Stadium getting some stretching in while the rest of the team was visiting with Obama.

Less than 24 hours later, Brady was at an Apple Store in New York City checking out the company's new Apple watch.

So if Brady had time to workout at Gillette Stadium AND drive to New York City to shop, you might be wondering: Why didn't he make the trip to the White House.

According to the Boston Herald, it's very possible that Brady's still bitter about a Deflategate joke the White House made after a Brady press conference in January -- and because of that joke, he decided not to attend the April 23 festivities. 

After the 40-minute press conference in January, a press conference where Brady never sounded completely sure of himself, White House press secretary Josh Earnest released a statement insinuating that Brady wasn't very good at lying. 

"The one thing I can tell you is that for years it's been clear that there is no risk that I was going to take Tom Brady's job as quarterback of the New England Patriots," Earnest said"But I can tell you that as of today, it's pretty clear that there's no risk of him taking my job, either."

Apparently, that statement rubbed Brady the wrong way. 

There had been speculation that Brady missed the trip because of his parents' 50th wedding anniversary, but it turns out that they've only been married for 46 years, according to the Herald

Whatever the reason was that prompted Brady to skip the White House visit, it didn't sit well with ESPN's Steven A. Smith. 

"So Tom Brady couldn't attend, huh? So Tom Brady couldn't attend," Smith said on the April 24 edition of First Take. "But was he there in 2001 when George W. Bush was president? Yes. Was he there in 2003 and 2004? I'm not sure about anything, I'm just simply presenting the question because I got a problem with the fact that the franchise quarterback... the face of New England Patriots, the future Hall of Famer and all of this other stuff. Tom Brady can't do anything wrong. He passes gas as perfume, OK. That's how untouchable Tom Brady is but when George W. Bush was president in 2001, 2003, 2004, Tom Brady was there. Tom Brady was there at the White House celebrating."

Smith seemed to insinuate that Brady didn't show up because Obama's president. 

No matter what the reason was though, it's probably a good thing Brady didn't show up because if he didn't like Earnests' joke in January, he probably wouldn't have liked Obama's Deflategate joke this time around. 

Did Tom Brady pick working out over visiting the White House? (Facebook)
Did Tom Brady pick working out over visiting the White House? (Facebook)