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Miami Dolphins wideout Tyreek Hill is having an incredible 2023 campaign, as he leads the NFL with 651 receiving yards and five touchdowns through five games. However, he's apparently been racking up as many fines as receiving yards this season.

On Tuesday, Hill wrote on social media, "NFL fining me more than 100k is classic NFL," followed by "Team no sock," an apparent reference to the reason for the fine (more on that below). NFL Media reports that Hill has been fined repeatedly this season for uniform policy violations, but that the total is actually less than $100K -- although, it is a significant amount. Additionally, NFL Media reports this isn't related to his touchdown celebration last week, where Hill gave a football to his mother in the stands. 

NFL fines are increased for repeat offenders -- which Hill reportedly is. Earlier this season, after the Dolphins trounced the Denver Broncos by 50 points, Hill said he was fined around $7,000 for not wearing socks.

"So in the Broncos game, the first touchdown, I didn't have any socks on at all," Hill told The Palm Beach Post. "But I was getting an IV and I didn't want to be late for the play. So I didn't have time to put on my socks."

With Hill posting "team no sock" on social media this week, one could assume Hill potentially failed to put on socks again vs. the New York Giants

Fines are reported later in the week usually, so more details about Hill's infractions could come to light. For more information on the NFL's fine structure, click here