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With the Dolphins leading the Commanders by 23 points heading into the fourth quarter on Sunday, it didn't feel like there was going to be much drama over the final 15 minutes, but there actually was a little bit of drama and that's because the two teams were going for a scorigami, which is when a game ends with a final score that's never happened before in NFL history. 

With two minutes left to play in the game, it didn't look like a scorigami was going to happen. The Dolphins were leading 38-15, which wouldn't be a scorigami, since that score has happened six times in NFL history. However, the two teams ended up making history thanks to De'Von Achane, who scored on a two-yard run with just 1:57 left to play.  

The TD pushed the final score to 45-15, which is notable, because it marked the first time in NFL history that a game had ever ended with that exact final score. 

As you can see above, it's the 1,082nd unique final score in NFL history. 

The touchdown by Achane capped a huge game for the Dolphins rookie, who rushed for 103 yards while scoring TWO times in the game. 

This marks the second time this season that the Dolphins have been involved in a scorigami. The first time came back in Week 3 when they destroyed the Broncos 70-20. 

As for the Commanders, this marks the first time in five years that they've been involved in a scorigami. The last one for them came in a 43-19 loss to the Saints all the way back in October 2018.  

The 2023 season has somehow already given us seven scorigamis through 13 weeks, which is pretty wild when you consider that there were only four scorigamis during the entire 2022 season. This is the most scorigamis in one season since 2020, when we saw a total of 11.