The Dallas Cowboys had lots of trouble breaking through the Eagles' defenses on Sunday at Lincoln Financial Field but the same can't be said for one Philly fan who somehow found a way into Doug Pederson's press conference after the game. The uninvited, un-credentialed fan's presence was a short-lived surprise.

During the coach's postgame presser, an Eagles fan hiding amongst the group of media piped up and spoke over an actual reporter in order to ask Pederson a question about the team's Week 17 matchup against the New York Giants.

"Doug, meeting Eli next weekend, what do you think?" asked the random fan.

Pederson seemed to know something was fishy right away, as he turned to security and asked "who is this?" Maybe it was the poor question (Eli Manning likely won't even start next week's game) or perhaps it was the fact that the guy was wearing a goofy winter hat. 

Either way, Pederson wasn't fooled and called for a "timeout" while security acted quickly to kick the guy out.

"Holy cow, this will be on SportsCenter," said the stunned Eagles coach.

And this fella, who may or may not have been aided by liquid courage, apparently wasn't the only un-credentialed fan in the media room. According to Zack Rosenblatt of, the guy also brought some friends with him (they can be seen sitting in the back of the room wearing Eagles gear in the video above) and they were also promptly kicked out alongside him. 

Allowing one, single rogue fan to penetrate your defenses is somewhat understandable, but allowing an entire entourage of poorly disguised supporters to sneak in? Well, that might be the Eagles' worst attempt at stopping a pass so far this year.