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The Saints destroyed the Falcons in a critical NFC South rematch on Sunday, and they didn't let off the gas, either, even running a fake kneel-down for a touchdown to go up 48-17 in the final minute of action. Falcons coach Arthur Smith was none too pleased, cursing at Saints coach Dennis Allen and refusing a handshake in a heated postgame exchange.

"Why the f--- would you do that, man?" Smith appeared to yell at Allen as they approached each other on the field. "Why the f--- did you do that?! ... That's f---in' bullshit!"

Allen appeared to be trying to calm Smith down at the beginning of their exchange, and he can be heard in broadcast footage saying, "I understand that," near the end of their meeting. But it's safe to say the Falcons coach did not like the way New Orleans handled the end of Sunday's contest, choosing to score again rather than run out the clock while leading 41-17 with 1:10 to go.

Allen opened his post-game press conference by apologizing to Smith, saying his Saints players wanted to get running back Jamaal Williams his first touchdown of the season. The players asked Allen if they could run a play rather than run out the clock, he told reporters, then went against his advice, resulting in the TD.

The Saints got the ball at the Falcons' 1-yard line after Tyrann Mathieu intercepted Desmond Ridder and returned the ball close to the goal line. 

Atlanta's defeat drops the Falcons to 7-10 for the third straight season under Smith, whose future as the team's head coach is reportedly in jeopardy. The Falcons could've advanced to the 2023 playoffs had they beaten the Saints and the Buccaneers lost to the Panthers.