There were 71,088 fans at Super Bowl 50 on Sunday and apparently, most of them were craving wine, which actually isn't that surprising because I'm pretty sure that's the unofficial drink of California.

The wine drinkers showed up en masse to Levi's Stadium, buying a total of 8,000 glasses, according to Overall, an average of $87.57 was spent on food and drink by each fan at the game, which is second all-time behind only the $94.60 per person that was spent at MetLife Stadium at Super Bowl XLVIII.

Football fans don't just love their wine though, they also love giant expensive hot dogs. Centerplate, which served as the food vendor for the game, told ESPN that they sold 3,000 "Big 5-0 Sausages" at $12 a pop. The sausages were covered in gold flakes, so it almost paid for itself.

Fans also bought 26,000 hot dogs, 1,000 crab sandwiches and 1,000 vegan hot dogs, which has to be the world record for most vegan hot dogs sold in one day.

On the beverage end, the best-selling drink was an unnamed domestic beer, which sold for $13. Water, which sold for $7, came in a close second.

People who attend the Super Bowl aren't just buying food and drinks though, they're also buying souvenirs. According to the Sports Business Journal, fans spent an average of $64.71 on Super Bowl items. Overall, that means the 71,088 fans in attendance spent an average of $152.28 per person, which means there was a total of roughly $10.83 million spent by fans alone on Super Bowl Sunday.

Fans also used 10 terabytes of data at the game, which is a lot when you consider that the Hubble Telescope only archives 10 terabytes of data for an entire year.

Pat yourselves on the back, Broncos and Panthers fans.

Wine was a popular drink at Levi's Stadium. (
Wine was a popular drink at Levi's Stadium. (