Terrell Owens certainly has a few things in common with Antonio Brown. Owens, who once was kicked out of Philadelphia Eagles training camp for having a heated exchange with head coach Andy Reid, certainly relates to what Brown is going through with the Oakland Raiders

Owens, now 14 yards older and wiser, is willing to help Brown out. The Hall of Fame wide receiver believes the relationship with the Raiders can be saved. 

"My thing. I really want to talk to him. Just take some steps back," Owens said to The Players Tribune in their NFL Kickoff episode "Don't At Me". "Whatever frustrations you have, whatever feelings you have about yourself, just step back. Allow your football to do that speaking for you."

Brandon Marshall didn't share the exact feeling as Owens. Marshall is fed up with the Brown nonsense as the All-Pro wide receiver delivered the Raiders an ultimatum. 

"If you want to win, you gotta separate," Marshall said. "You can't win with that type of distraction. If he's going to get better, than okay. But if he's going to continue this behavior, which he probably will, done.

"You can't win with that. This is the first week of the season. You're preparing for the Denver Broncos. Guess what he's talking about? Guess what (Jon) Gruden's talking about right now? There are players in that locker rom that are probably ready to slap him. Like come on bro, you just let us down. I got kids depending on you catching two touchdowns (this week)."

The Raiders may believe Brown is more trouble than he's worth, but his production on the field speaks for itself. Brown has averaged 114 catches over the last six seasons, leading the NFL in receptions twice. He has totaled 9,145 yards and 67 touchdowns, averaging 13.3 yards per catch during that span. Those are elite numbers for any player at the wide receiver position and qualifications for Hall of Fame status when Brown's career is over.

Since 2013, Brown leads the entire NFL in receptions, receiving yards and touchdowns. He is the only player in league history to catch at least 100 passes in a season six consecutive times.

Owens isn't ready to give up on Brown. Nor should the Raiders. 

"I think they should stick with him," Owens said. "Find a way (to work things out) behind closed doors as men."