Forgive Jaylen Warren for not exactly knowing what he was going to do during his introduction with the rest of the Steelers' starters against the Packers. Warren, who had never started in an NFL game prior to Sunday, hit the ground while pretending to surf, a nod to his Polynesian heritage. 

Warren will probably get more opportunities to practice his intro. The Steelers' running back, who had been told by coach Mike Tomlin on Friday that he would be introduced with the rest of Pittsburgh's starters, ran for a career-high 101 yards and a touchdown on 15 carries while playing a key role in his team's 23-19 win. 

"It was cool," Warren said of his first 100-yard game in the NFL. "As long as we got the 'W,' that's all I care about." 

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Warren, who made the Steelers' 53-man roster after going undrafted last year, has been a perfect complement for Najee Harris, who also got introduced with the rest of the Steelers' starters on Sunday. Over the past two games, Warren and Harris have combined to run for 340 yards and three touchdowns on 58 carries. 

"We're pretty cool," Warren said of his relationship with Harris. "We help each other whenever we need to."

Warren admitted he did not envision having this type of success when he was signed by the Steelers in the spring of 2022. A man of few words, Warren offered a short answer when asked how he has been able to enjoy success. 

"Just work," he said. "Sacrifice. Discipline." 

Like many undrafted rookies, Warren relishes the chance to prove his doubters wrong. He was undrafted despite rushing for 1,216 yards and 11 touchdowns during his final year in college while playing for Oklahoma State. 

"I don't really pass the eye test or whatever," Warren said. "I kind of just go out there. I don't do too much, but I think, when you play me, that's what kind of shows." 

While he loves proving his doubters wrong, Warren isn't big on individual stats and personal accolades. Warren's ultimate goal is to help Pittsburgh break its tie with New England for Lombardi Trophies won. Playing in the "confetti game," is what he told CBS Sports during training camp when asked about his goals for the 2023 season. 

Pittsburgh (6-3) is still considered a long shot to make it to the Super Bowl despite its recent success. That is probably more than OK with Warren, who would probably love nothing more than to continue to prove his naysayers wrong during the back half of the season. 

"I've always been doubted, but I never let it get to me," Warren said. "I always use it as fuel, and when opportunities present itself I always take advantage of them."