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Giants first-year coach Joe Judge's decision to fire offensive line coach Marc Colombo after heated exchanges between the men made national headlines this week, but is hardly the only area of the offensive staff under serious review.

Sources said there has been friction and turmoil within other aspects of that staff as well, with offensive coordinator Jason Garrett under scrutiny and a change at that key staff position a very real possibility in 2021. Judge was one of just five new head coaches hired in 2020, while that number could double next year, flooding the market with coordinators and assistant coaches looking for work. Options will abound and Judge has already displayed that he will not shy away from making a bold -- if not shocking -- move even if comes at a less than opportune time.

Colombo has been seething for weeks, sources said, with Judge working with that position group -- one that was making strides -- and, in the eyes of some within the organization, trying to take credit for the improvements being made. Tension had been mounting about Judge's desire to bring in outside consultation for that position group and he and Colombo clashed over technique and how to approach certain positions. That culminated in a fiery exchange between them in earshot of players last week. Ultimately, Colombo was informed of his firing by team security and not Judge directly -- a common-sense decision to quell any potential physical altercation.

Despite all the turmoil, the Giants remain in position to win the lowly NFC East. The defense has made significant gains this season, while the development of quarterback Daniel Jones remains a pivotal element in the franchise and something Judge will be very hands-on and proactive about. Jones has had an inconsistent season -- the loss of star running back Saquon Barkley for the season was an obvious blow -- and continues to struggle with turnovers, though he took care of the ball in a huge win over the Eagles last week.

There is a strong expectation that more staff overhaul is coming in 2021, and a new offensive coordinator next season would not surprise several sources who know Judge well.