The Miami Dolphins had some solid teams over the last few years, but they just can't seem to string together a playoff run. Their last five playoff appearances have all been one-and-done, getting eliminated in the wild-card round. The most recent first-round defeat came last year, when they lost, 26-7, to the Kansas City Chiefs

Their last playoff win was in 2000, and they have not advanced further than the divisional round since 1985. Safe to say, the playoffs have not been a good time for Miami. 

The Dolphins are looking for a different result this season and believe they have what it takes to reverse this first-round playoff curse. 

Running back Raheem Mostert knows that all that matters is how a team plays under the brightest of lights. While some players like to put the past behind them, he is choosing to use the past as motivation to change the narrative of the team.

"We're an outstanding team, and it has to just click at the end of the year," Mostert said (via "I was telling the reporters, man, I'd take an 0-8 start to make it deep into the playoffs, right, and trying to get to that championship round. One of our biggest kryptonites has always been that first round. That's gonna be harped on this year. People are gonna say all these different types of things, but we can't make excuses."

The Dolphins and Buffalo Bills both finished 11-6 last year, but the Bills ended up with divisional title. Miami had a real shot at its first AFC title since 2008, but was unable to close it out in the end, losing three of its final five games. With the division on the line in Week 18, they could not defeat the Bills, handing them the divisional crown. 

Ending the year on two losses, and therefore getting a lower seed, did not help set them up for playoff success. This notion of not being able to finish strong is something Mostert and the Dolphins are aware of and are working to change this season.

Mostert emphasized the need to make it a team effort, with no individual being bigger than the goal.

"We've got to go out here and finish the season and finish strong, the same way we started, and just go out here and handle business," Mostert said. "Everybody has to be on the same page. We have to be as one, right? That's all it takes. Nothing bigger, nothing smaller. Just go out there and stay healthy and finish."

The Dolphins currently have the second lowest odds (+190) to win the AFC East next season, behind only the New England Patriots, who are not favored in a single game next year (via Caesar's Sportsbook). Their odds to make the playoffs are -155, with +130 odds to miss the playoffs.