One of the main reasons the Chiefs decided to trade and up grab Patrick Mahomes during the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft is because he has a cannon for a right arm, and on Friday, Mahomes finally showed America just how strong that cannon is. 

During the second quarter of Kansas City's 28-14 win over the Falcons, Mahomes made a throw that might go down as the most impressive preseason touchdown pass of all time. With less than 30 seconds to go until halftime, Mahomes launched a 69-yard touchdown pass to a streaking Tyreek Hill, who had somehow gotten behind three Falcons defenders. 

The impressive part of this isn't that Mahomes threw a 69-yard touchdown pass, those have happened plenty of times before. The impressive part is that the pass traveled an absurd 68.6 yards through the air

To put that in perspective, no quarterback in the NFL threw a touchdown pass in 2017 that traveled more than 62 yards in the air. Here's a look at how Mahomes' pass stacks up against the longest touchdown passes of 2017 (based on air yards). 

Patrick Mahomes has a rocket for an arm.  NFL Network

In 2016, the longest pass of the season was thrown by Jay Cutler, who threw a Hail Mary against the Buccaneers that traveled 65 yards in the air

If you look at the Falcons' defenders on the touchdown pass to Hill, it doesn't look like they got burned, it looks like they started to slow down because they didn't think Mahomes would be able to throw it that far. Maybe they should've studied film from his Pro Day in 2017, when Mahomes threw a pass that traveled more than 80 yards in the air

The NFL has only been keeping track of air yards for the past two seasons, so it's hard to say where Mahomes' pass stands on the all-time list, but based on an in-depth search of the internet, it appears to be the longest touchdown pass in the NFL since at least 2000, based on air yards. 

Over the past five years, Aaron Rodgers is the only quarterback who has even thrown a touchdown pass that travled farther than 65 yards in the air and that came in a game that you probably remember well. Back in December 2014, Rodgers threw a Hail Mary against the Lions that traveled 67 yards in the air

In a different game against the Lions, Rodgers also once threw a pass that traveled 72 yards in the air, but it fell incomplete after Detroit was called for interference. 

Basically, Mahomes is doing things that few other quarterbacks have ever done. The man clearly has a cannon for an arm and fans in Kansas City are going to quickly forget about Alex Smith if he keeps making throws like that. 

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