There is a major crisis in Houston right now with record rains from Hurricane Harvey causing massive flooding and destruction. The members of the Texans are out of town for professional football reasons and unable to help, but are still trying to support the people who support them.

Notably, star defensive end J.J. Watt issued a challenge to others to try and help out the situation by donating to a page, where he has now raised over $350,000 and has changed the goal to $500,000.

Watt initially tweeted out a video message expressing his concern for his fellow Houstonians in this difficult time and linked the page up in his Twitter bio.

And he has gotten a remarkable response from the city of Houston and those that care about it, with people donating more than $350,000 in roughly 12 hours.

The images of flooding in Houston are nothing short of stunning.

But for as much bad treatment of other humans that we've seen in the world the last several months, the tragedy in Houston is helping to bring out the best in other human beings.

Watt's efforts, which also generated a $50,000 donation from new Rockets point guard Chris Paul, is part of that goodness. If you can help or can donate, here is the link again. Every dollar helps a city that is currently submerged.