The Dolphins absolutely dominated the Patriots on Monday night, beating up on New England in Miami to the tune of 27-20 in a game that was not nearly as close as that score would indicate. Miami was a superior team and the Patriots were EXPOSED. 

Just kidding, but they did look terrible. Tom Brady opened up the MVP race to some dark horse candidates with his poor play against Miami, and he opened up the Patriots to the possibility of not having homefield advantage or even a bye depending on how their Week 15 matchup against the Steelers goes. (Please do not ask Bill Belichick if his team was looking ahead.)

Dolphins receiver Jarvis Landry, who has been posited as the next great AFC East player Belichick can steal away from a rival and turn into a dominating player for his own team, even added a little insult to the injury.

Landry scored on a pair of touchdown passes from Jay Cutler, and on the second one, he put the ball on the ground and proceeded to give it CPR. Or maybe it was reverse CPR, which would best be described as taking the air out of the ball? 

Perhaps you prefer the term ... deflating?

Yes, indeed, that's what Landry was doing, as he said in the locker room after the game, via Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald.

"I'm taking the air out the ball!" Landry said. "I'm deflating it!"

Landry then sort of made reference to a Migos song that was playing in the Dolphins locker room -- which, according to Beasley's account "felt like a nightclub" after the surprising victory -- before trying to deflect from the actual Deflategate reference.

"This song right here," Landry said. "Take the air out the ball. Just so I can flex. This song right here! I'm not going to say the rest because you all are going to take that out of context again."

For those who woke up from their nap under a rock for the last four years, Brady was suspended four games by the NFL for allegedly being more aware than not that the Patriots were deflating footballs before games. (Also if you just woke up, don't bother downloading Twitter or turning on the TV. Just go read a book or watch a movie. Trust me.)

The Dolphins are lucky because the move won't cost them down the road against New England, unless they manage to make a miracle run to the playoffs and end up playing New England. The Dolphins would sign for Brady extracting revenge on them in that scenario. They can win out and get into the postseason, and simply have to beat the Bills twice (doable!) and beat the Chiefs once and they're probably going to get into the playoffs. 

Given how they played on Monday night, it's not entirely implausible.