NFL: Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions
Raj Mehta / USA TODAY Sports

Last season, wide receiver Allen Lazard had Aaron Rodgers as his quarterback and it looks like, despite changing area codes, No. 12 will be his quarterback once again, just in a different shade of green. The New York Jets signed Lazard to a four-year $44 million contract and Rodgers said it's his "intention" to play for the Jets.

Nothing is official with Rodgers yet, but Lazard is already looking forward to the (possible) reunion, praising the Super Bowl champion and giving insight to their relationship.

"He's a big reason why I'm here today," Lazard said, speaking about Rodgers (via "I can't deny that. He stood on a table for me in training camp when I didn't deserve to make the roster, he called for me to be in the games, and he's always believed in me."

Rodgers was a bit frustrated with the Green Bay Packers in 2022 and made his concerns with his receiving core well known. Lazard clearly took all criticism and improved from it, becoming Rodgers' go-to receiver. He had a career-high 60 receptions for 788 yards and six touchdowns last season. 

"He's relied on me in a lot of heavy-pressure situations and has always believed in me," Lazard said. "So, as a wide receiver, the best relationship you can have is with the quarterback, and the relationship I have with him has been phenomenal."

Lazard spoke to Rodgers after the Packers final game, when they were booted from playoff contention and says the veteran QB helped him get paid in free agency.

"Obviously, there were inclinations that he was coming here," Lazard said on Rodgers joining the Jets. "(But) after the last game in the locker room I kind of mentioned to him how I kind of have to worry about myself and take care of what is best for me -- I can't worry about other people. So, me and my decision coming here was purely based off that, making sure that I'm doing what's best for my career. Obviously, him being here definitely helps -- definitely helps -- the entire organization to be able to take that next step that they need to to make a deep playoff run and get a Lombardi Trophy."

Rodgers' career has been about winning, though he only has one Super Bowl ring. Rodgers is 150-79-1 in his career, so adding him to any team no doubt boosts their chances of adding checks in the win column. 

"Like I previously said, we were both trying to do what's right for the both of us. Obviously, him and his situation is a little bit different. ... Obviously, standing here today, it feels good knowing that 12 is going to be my quarterback," Lazard said. "I think with Aaron Rodgers as quarterback, the possibility to win is always a thing. With that being said, it's really the Super Bowl."

As far as the option to stay in Green Bay, Lazard said he did not feel much interest from his previous team. 

"They didn't seem like they were going to miss me too much," the 27-year-old said.