The New York Jets avoided potential off-field drama this week when star quarterback Aaron Rodgers wasn't selected as a 2024 U.S. vice presidential candidate, despite drawing one politician's interest. Now, they're trying to squash another off-field storyline, with team owner Woody Johnson on Thursday slamming a report from NFL Media over an alleged "heated argument" he had with Jets coach Robert Saleh during the league owners meetings.

"All this nonsense about a heated argument between Coach Saleh and me at the league meeting is absolutely false," Johnson wrote on X (formerly Twitter). "It is yet another irresponsible report from NFL Network. Please disregard."

The NFL Network, of course, is owned by the NFL. But that didn't stop Colleen Wolfe, an NFL Network personality who appears on "Good Morning Football," from suggesting in a recent "Around the NFL" podcast that Johnson and Saleh were at odds.

"I will say, from a very reliable source at the owners meetings, there was a very heated conversation between Woody and Robert Saleh, to the point where it was a little awkward," Wolfe said Tuesday.

Wolfe went on to downplay the conversation, refraining from labeling it an "argument," when pressed about the matter by podcast co-hosts Dan Hanzus and Marc Sessler, even while trying to stoke speculation about it.

"What were they arguing about?" she asked. "At the owners meetings, at the party last night. ... Who knows? Could've been about anything. Maybe they were disagreeing on how they like their steak cooked. Doubt that, though. ... I'm not saying it's an argument. (It was) a lively conversation they were having. It was two of them."

SNY quickly reported that no such conversation occurred at the reception for NFL owners.