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On Thursday night, the Browns were big winners during Round 1 of the 2014 NFL Draft. New GM Ray Farmer bounced all over the board, picking up cornerback Justin Gilbert, an extra 2015 first-round pick and finally quarterback Johnny Manziel.

It probably wasn't a spur of the moment decision because Manziel fell. In fact, it almost definitely wasn't. And if you believe what owner Jimmy Haslam told ESPN's Sal Paolantonio, they made the move because a homeless man told Haslam to "draft Manziel."

This would be the most Browns thing ever, quite frankly.

"Here in Cleveland, every where I go people know me," Paolantonio reported Haslam said. "And I was out to dinner recently and a homeless person was out on the street, looked up at me and said 'Draft Manziel.'"

It's a great nugget and piece of reporting from Sal Pal, even if it's almost unfathomable to think it's actually true. Haslam is a billionaire. He shouldn't be taking advice from homeless dudes, even if it's "just" about football.

No offense to homeless dudes.

It's also possible Haslam's so rich he actually thinks "normal" people are homeless. I tend to think of him as a down-to-earth fella (more so than other billionaires) but maybe not. Maybe it was just someone who looks more homeless than a billionaire.