The Cincinnati Bengals and Baltimore Ravens are already heated division rivals, and recent comments from Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow may fuel that rivalry even more. The Ravens had the upper hand in the AFC North for years, but now it is the Bengals who have bragging rights as the defending AFC Champions.

On on the Full Send Podcast, Burrow did not hold back when explaining why he likes to play the Ravens.

"You don't really want to talk [trash] to me … [The Ravens] talk," Burrow said. "I love that. [The score] was a lot to a little [in both of the Bengals' wins over the Ravens last season]. I threw for 520-something in the second one and I threw for 400-something in the first one. … Yeah, I love playing the Ravens. They like to talk. I don't start the talking. But if somebody pokes me, I can talk a little bit."

Burrow's former LSU teammate and current Ravens linebacker Patrick Queen seemed to have heard this quote and tweeted, "Noted."

Last year, the Bengals beat the Ravens in both meetings -- 41-17 in the first matchup and 41-21 in the second. Combining both games, Burrow through for a whopping 941 yards. 

It seems going into this year, even though the Ravens are healthier than they were last season and expected to be improved, Burrow is not worried about facing them, and rather is excited for another divisional game.

These teams will meet in Week 5 on Sunday Night Football and then again in Week 18 to close out the regular season, with playoff scenarios possibly on the line.