It may be the Patriots' bye week, and Julian Edelman may be out for the year with a torn ACL, but that doesn't mean we can't find out interesting things about both the receiver and the team this week. Edelman appeared on The Dan Patrick Show on Friday. (Available to watch on AT&T Audience Network.) He talked about a bunch of stuff, but obviously most of it was connected to the Patriots. 

For example, here is an interesting fact: 

Let's break this down. Edelman has been with the Patriots since 2009. That's nine NFL seasons, all playing for Bill Belichick. We'll assume for our purposes that Edelman spends an average of five days a week at the Patriots facility from July through January every year, and we'll tack on another 15 or 20 days a year for things like involuntary workouts, mini-camps, Super Bowl trips, and Super Bowl celebrations. He may be there for a morning to watch film, for an entire day for two-a-day sessions, for six or seven hours to play a game (including pre- and post-game activities), or for an hour to pack up his belongings and have an exit meeting. 

That's like five days a week for 30 weeks (July-January), and we'll take the low end and say 15 extra days for ancillary football-related events. So we're talking about Edelman being in Belichick's presence for approximately 165 days a year, for nine years. That's 1,485 days. Because it's easier, we'll round up and say Belichick and Edelman have spent something like 1,500 days in each other's presence between July 2009 and November 2017. And Edelman claims to have seen him smile TWICE. That's one smile every 750 days. It's 0.00133333333 smiles per day. 

You know what? That actually seems high, so I thought to myself, "There's no way Belichick has smiled twice in the last nine years." Then I went digging into the USA Today Sports Images archives, and I found documentary evidence that Edelman has been in a smiling Belichick's presence twice this year alone. 

First, here's a smile while looking directly at Edelman: 


There's no way around it: this is one of the two smiles Edelman referenced. It has to be. However, he's another shot of a smiling Bill. 

NFL: Super Bowl LI Champions-New England Patriots White House Visit
Apr 19, 2017; Washington, DC, USA; New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick (L) and Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman (M) listen as President Donald Trump (R) speaks at a ceremony honoring the Super Bowl LI champion Patriots on the South Lawn at the White House. Geoff Burke / USA TODAY Sports

Now, you might say that that's a grimace and not a smile. That's definitely possible. There's almost no way whatever joke the president is in the process of telling in this picture was actually funny (all presidential jokes throughout history would have like an 0.2 percent laugh rate if the person telling them wasn't the president) and there's no way Belichick has ever laughed at a joke in his life anyway. Plus, Edelman is next to Belichick and looking forward, so depending on the quality of his peripheral vision, it's possible that he didn't actually see Belichick smiling (or grimacing) here. 

Of course, the more likely explanation seems to be that Edelman has at least average peripheral vision and thus could see Belichick smiling out of the corner of his eye. That means he has only seen Bill Belichick smile twice, and that both smiles occurred in the last nine months. Ipso facto, Julian Edelman knew Bill Belichick for over eight years before he saw Belichick smile. And that makes a whole lot of sense.