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Few NFL players started the season on more of a hot streak than Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver Mike Williams. Through the team's first five games, Williams totaled 31 catches for 471 yards and six touchdowns. He recorded at least seven catches and 82 receiving yards in four of the five games, and scored at least one touchdown in four of five as well. 

Since then, Williams has cooled down considerably. Williams has just 21 targets in the Chargers' most recent four games, and has caught more than two passes in only one of the four. He has 10 catches for 137 yards during that time and has not scored a touchdown since Week 5. 

Perhaps not coincidentally, the Chargers are just 1-3 in those games, during which they have scored an average of just 19.3 points per contest. That's down from 4-1 and 28.4 points per game through Week 5. 

According to Williams' teammate and fellow wide receiver Keenan Allen, the solution to the team's woes is simple: Get back to getting Williams the ball more often.

"I think we got to do a better job of getting him the ball, " Allen said earlier this week, per the Los Angeles Daily News. "Mike's obviously a production guy. When he gets it, he produces at a high level and scores a lot for us. Obviously, we haven't been scoring. It's probably got to do with Mike not getting the ball. So yeah, just finding more ways to give him the ball."

One potential way to do that is to have Williams start operating closer to the line of scrimmage again. He had previously been almost exclusively a deep threat during his Chargers career, with an average depth of target that ranked among the highest in the NFL. Early in the season, that number came down as he was more involved on short and intermediate throws. That varied usage has gone away in recent weeks. The Chargers need to bring it back.