Quarterback Matthew Stafford's wife Kelly Stafford will not be on hand at Los Angeles Rams away games for the foreseeable future. Kelly Stafford said she is taking a break from road games following an incident in which she threw a pretzel at an opposing fan at Levi's Stadium.

Kelly Stafford has apologized for throwing the soft pretzel at the San Francisco 49ers fan, who she said was heckling her. Matthew Stafford suggested she take a break from going to away games following the Week 10 incident, and she agreed.

She discussed the whole thing on a recent episode of her podcast "The Morning After," where she explained what happened after she hit the fan in the face with the snack. Kelly Stafford said after it happened she offered to buy the fan and the group he was with food and drinks, but the fan declined.

"I'm human, I make mistakes, and I own up to them. I don't f---ing hide from them, that's not me," Stafford said, according to TMZ Sports.

When Kelly threw food at the opposing fan just a few minutes into the game, she was escorted out. Kelly said she was fine with being taken out of the game, because she did not want to watch the game, which the Rams lost 31-20, anyway. 

Matthew Stafford took a humorous approach to the situation.

After it happened Kelly Stafford said the QB told her, "Well, I wish I was as accurate as you were, but I guess only one person in the family was accurate that night." He finished the game against the 49ers with 26 of 41 passes completed and a passer rating of 67.4.