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Former NFL running back Stevan Ridley would like everyone to know that it's not his fault that Kevin Hart is in a wheelchair. There's only one person to blame, and that person is Tom Brady. 

Hart suffered a serious injury this week, and apparently, it happened because he agreed to race Ridley in the 40-yard dash. At 44 years old, Hart isn't exactly young, but Ridley figured the comedian would be fine to run 40 yards since Brady makes it look so easy. 

"I saw Tom Brady do it at your age, so I figured you had the juice too, big bro," Ridley wrote on Instagram (via the New York Post). 

It's Tom Brady's fault that Kevin Hart got hurt Instagram/StevanRidley

If you're wondering why Ridley would bring up Brady's name, it's not completely random. The former Patriots running back spent four seasons as Brady's teammate in New England. Ridley was drafted in 2011 and ended up making it to two Super Bowls with Brady even though he didn't actually get to play in either one due to injury. 

Anyway, even if Ridley did jokingly blame Hart's injury on Brady, the truth is that Hart only has himself to blame. If there's one thing everyone over 40 should know, it's that you should never challenge someone 10 years younger than you to a race, especially if that person is a former NFL running back. 

Hart revealed this week that the race only happened because he thought he could beat Ridley. 

"Me and Stevan, we got into a little debate," Hart said in a video he shared to social media on Thursday. "The debate was about who was faster. Those that know me know that I'm pretty fast. Stevan was like, 'Kevin, there's no way you're going to beat me.' I said Stevan, 'You could bet it.' He said, 'bet.' I said, 'bet.'"

Obviously, the bet didn't turn out so well for Hart. 

To add insult to injury, Ridley decided to share footage of the race on social media, and the NFL's official Twitter account was kind enough to slow things down so you can see the exact moment where Hart suffered his injury. 

Ouch. That looks like it hurts. 

It's not clear how long Hart will be in a wheelchair, but it could be a few weeks considering the nature of his injuries. According to the comedian, he "blew" out everything. 

"Tore my lower abdomen, my abductors. I don't even know what that is, but I tore them," Hart said. 

Once Hart is healed, he might want to consider going against someone he can beat the next time he challenges someone to a race. You know, like, maybe Tom Brady.