As their kicking competition wages on after an awful but fitting start, the Bears have added another kicker to the mix, this time via trade. 

On Monday, the Bears reportedly traded for a kicker from a Bay Area team, but the kicker in question is not 49ers kicker Robbie Gould, a Bears legend who has asked the 49ers to trade him closer to his family in Chicago. Instead, the Bears have acquired Eddy Pineiro from the Raiders in exchange for a 2021 seventh-round pick that is conditional on Pineiro being on the Bears' active roster for at least five games, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter.

It's not the trade that most Bears fans and Gould himself probably wanted, but it is a trade that carries almost no risk for the Bears. For starters, seventh-round picks hold minimal value. And if Pineiro fails to win the competition this summer and gets cut before the season, the Bears won't have to part ways with that pick. It's really not that much different than the Bears signing Pineiro as a free agent. 

Pineiro is joining a competition that also includes Elliott Fry and Chris Blewitt. On Friday, Fry and Blewitt participated in the first stage of the competition that included six other kickers. Combined, the eight kickers went 2 of 8 on field goals from 43 yards, the exact distance that Cody Parkey missed from in the playoffs, which is what got the Bears into this mess

Parkey was cut earlier this offseason and the Bears have been searching for a reliable replacement ever since. Maybe that reliable replacement is Pineiro, but it's impossible to say given his lack of experience.

The Bears' best solution still might be finding a way to bring back Gould via trade. The 49ers franchise tagged Gould earlier this offseason and have said they don't intend to honor his trade request, but that doesn't mean the Bears can't get them to change their mind with a tempting offer for a 36-year-old kicker. Since cutting Gould before the 2016 season, the Bears' kickers have made 76 percent of their field goals (regular season only). Gould has made 96.5 percent of his field goals in that span with the Giants and 49ers.

If that fails, the Bears could try to sign a more proven free agent like Matt Bryant. Otherwise, the Bears will enter the upcoming season with the kicker position as their biggest question mark.