It's been more than 18 months since the last time Le'Veon Bell played in an an NFL game, and during that time away, the Jets running back stayed pretty busy. 

From releasing a rap album to jet skiing to playing basketball, it always seemed like Bell was doing something to stay busy, well, except for playing football. During his time off, it didn't seem like Bell was spending very much time on the practice field, which led plenty of people on social media to question his desire to play football. 

After listening to those questions for nearly 18 months, Bell finally fired back at his critics over the weekend. The Jets running back took to Instagram on Sunday and went on a tirade. 

"Hey, real s--t bro. I'm tired of social media s--t," Bell said. "I'm tired everybody telling me, 'Oh, Le'Veon, you not focused. You only wanna make music. You wanna play basketball. You do everything besides play football,' and let me tell you all something."

At that point, Bell's rant went into overdrive. First, the Jets running back pointed out that employees at other jobs aren't expected to focus on their work 100 percent of the time.  

"Everybody talking, I know you've got a favorite person, a favorite athlete, your mom, your dad, whatever," Bell said. "Somebody who works at Target, do you think when they work from 9 to 5, they go home and all they doing is worrying about putting f--king s--t on the shelves? They trying to worry about what serial numbers are coming up? No."

Bell also pointed out that plenty of other famous people like to spend their free time doing things that don't necessarily have to do with their day job. 

"You think [LeBron James] is waking up, he ain't have no Taco Tuesdays?" Bell said. "'Bron don't have no Taco Tuesdays, you all think he's hooping all day? You think Beyoncé is waking up singing all day? She don't go to work, she don't act? She don't do nothing else with her kids? You all think she's waking up singing?"

If Bell's worried about critics now, it could be a long season for him in New York. After sitting out for more than 18 months, there's no guarantee that he's going to be able to replicate his Steelers production in New York, and if Bell's numbers go down this year, there's a good chance his social media feeds are going to be filled with critics who will tell him that he's only struggling because he wasn't focused enough on football during his time off.