Detroit Lions running back David Montgomery and his girlfriend, Tatum Causey, are facing a civil lawsuit because their pit bull allegedly attacked a smaller dog and one of its owners in June. 

According to the Detroit Free Press, Causey was cited for an ordinance violation for harboring a vicious animal when their dog Lola approached a cockapoo from Montgomery's driveway. The couple had moved to their new home a few days before the incident.

Causey told the police that Lola escaped from the backyard. The pit bull grabbed the smaller dog's leg and the owners scrambled to pick up the cockapoo from the ground. 

The incident reportedly resulted in the smaller dog suffering two leg fractures and requiring stitches. One of the owners, who identified himself as Mark Owens during a Grosse Pointe Shores city council meeting on June 20, said he suffered two puncture wounds on his left hand. He wore a sling during the meeting. He also said his wife had scars on her arm from leash burn, while their pet had undergone two surgeries and had its leg amputated.

When asked about the lawsuit earlier this week, Montgomery told reporters, "It's getting taken care of."

Montgomery played his first four NFL seasons with the Chicago Bears before landing a three-year, $18 million deal with the Lions in March.

Before Wednesday's practice, Lions coach Dan Campbell said he was glad his team got Montgomery. He said the 26-year-old fits the team well and will be "really important" for the Lions because of his versatility and workman mentality.