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The Cleveland Browns have had one of the best defenses in football this year, but the same can't be said for their offense. With Deshaun Watson running the show, the offense has struggled through two weeks and a lot of that has to do with Watson's decision-making. 

The Browns quarterback has made some poor decisions this year and he made another one on Sunday when he cost the Browns 16 yards on a play where he threw the ball backwards to a receiver who definitely wasn't ready for it. 

So how exactly did that happen? Glad you asked. 

With the Browns facing a first-and-10 from their own 49, Watson took a shotgun snap and before he could even look for a receiver, the Titans were able to put pressure on him. At that point, Watson probably should have just taken the sack, but instead, he threw the ball BACKWARDS to Elijah Moore

The problem for Watson is that he wasn't even able to complete the pass. The ball bounced on the ground, but because it was thrown backwards, this was technically a fumble and not an incomplete pass. This could have been a total disaster for the Browns if Tennessee had picked up the ball, but Moore grabbed it on a play that ended up going for a 16-yard loss. 

Let's go ahead and watch the play. 

The good news for Watson is that his bizarre decision didn't end up really hurting the Browns. Although the Browns were facing a second-and-26 on their next play, they got bailed out by a pass interference call on the Titans that ended up giving Cleveland a first down. 

The Browns actually ended up scoring a touchdown on the drive when Watson hit Jerome Ford for a 19-yard score. 

The Browns have jumped out to a 13-3 lead on the Titans and that's mostly thanks to a defense that surrendered just 67 yards in the first half. If you want to follow the action in Cleveland, be sure to click here so you can head to our GameTracker