Although the Raiders received official approval to move to Las Vegas on Monday, the team’s relocation won’t happen any time soon -- mostly because they don’t have a stadium to play in. 

The $1.9 billion stadium being built in Vegas isn’t expected to be done until 2020. Although we won’t be able to see the finished product for another three years, Manica Architecture -- the company behind the stadium’s design -- did offer a sneak peek of the Raiders’ new stadium Monday. 

The images below are the first ones that Manica has released since August, when they unveiled their initial batch of artistic renderings for the stadium. 

In the newest batch of renderings, we get a look at exactly where the Raiders are hoping to build the stadium. In the photo below, you can see where the stadium would be located in relation to the strip (the location is on the south end of the strip, just west of Mandalay Bay). 

The Raiders’ proposed stadium will be on the south end of the strip.  Mancia Architecture

In another illustration, we get a look at where the Raiders’ practice facility might be located. 

The Raiders won’t have to go far to practice.  Manica Architecture

Based on the rendering, there will be room for the Raiders to build a practice field just outside the stadium. 

Oh, and there will also be plenty of space for tailgating. 

Fans will be able to have fun in the parking lot of the Raiders’ new stadium.  Manica Architecture

If you find yourself flying into Vegas in 2020, here’s what you’ll see from the sky. 

Finally, here’s a blimp view of the stadium. 

The Raiders have announced that they’re likely going to play the next two seasons in Oakland. If they continue to get fan support in the Bay Area, owner Mark Davis will likely try and stay in Oakland for the 2019 season. 

After that, the stadium in Vegas should be ready to go, which means you have three years to prepare your liver for the wild party that every Raiders home game is going to be.