If the Denver Broncos are still looking for someone to replace Peyton Manning, they might want to give President Obama a call.

The Broncos celebrated their win in Super Bowl 50 with a visit to the White House on Monday, and while they were there, Obama proved that he definitely knows how to do at least part of Manning's job: He knows how to bark a cadence.

The president opened up his congratulatory speech by yelling 'Omaha' several times.

Apparently, yelling 'Omaha' isn't as funny as we all thought because Peyton Manning was basically the only person who laughed at the president's joke.

Manning might not have laughed at the next joke though: Obama made fun of the Broncos' sometimes inept offense.

Brock Osweiler didn't laugh either, but that's only because he wasn't there. The Texans new quarterback didn't want to skip Houston's OTA on Monday to fly to DC. Aqib Talib also missed the party because he was in Texas recovering from a gunshot wound that he suffered on Sunday.

As for Osweiler, it's probably a good thing he didn't show up because Obama spent part of his speech gushing over Manning.

"Then there's this guy from the commercials. No matter what you need -- insurance, a pizza, a Buick -- you basically can stack your whole household with stuff this guy is selling," Obama said. "You know where to turn: it's Peyton Manning. I have to say I'm so pleased to be able to host Peyton here at the White House before I left. Anybody who has been a football fan has watched one of the greatest football careers ever, racking up more wins, more MVPs, more passing yards and more touchdown passes than anyone in history.The only quarterback to win Super Bowls with two different teams."

Peyton Manning and President Obama met for the first time on Monday. Instagram/Broncos

Unfortunately for the Broncos, Obama did not try and talk Manning out of retirement.

"We were all obviously disappointed to see him hang it up this spring, but as somebody who is just a little bit older than he is, I was sympathetic to the idea that running around with these guys takes its toll," Obama said. "It's great to see someone with a career like that, who always conducted himself on the field and off the field the way he did, to be able to go out on top."

The Broncos seemed to have a good time at the White House, especially Manning and John Elway, who had a pretty good laugh below.

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I'm guessing someone just made a Brock Osweiler-related joke.

Manning was a popular person at the White House.


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Almost everyone on the Broncos' roster was visiting the White House for the first time, and many of them took advantage of their first trip by taking interesting pictures.

Of course, this wasn't Manning's first trip. The former Broncos quarterback also visited the White House after the Colts Super Bowl win following the 2006 season. Manning met with George Bush then, making him one of only three quarterbacks who have met two different presidents after a Super Bowl win.

Whoever wins the Super Bowl next year will be meeting with a new president because Obama's term ends in January. That means Obama just welcomed a Super Bowl-winning team to the White House for the final time. You can hear the entire speech he gave the Broncos below.