LOOK: Panthers players make fun of 'THE Ohio State University'

During on-screen player introductions for Sunday Night Football, the starters for each team get to introduce themselves to the world by announcing their name and where they went to college. 

If you've watched any prime time game for the past decade, then you've probably noticed that every single Ohio State player didn't actually go to Ohio State, they went to "THE Ohio State University."

Several Carolina Panthers players obviously find this ridiculous, so they decided to make fun of it on Sunday night before they beat the Eagles 24-16.

Charles Tillman said he attended, "The University of Louisiana."

Thomas Davis attended, "The University of Georgia."

Even a few fans took notice. 

Tillman saying that he went to "The University of Louisiana" is extra amusing because he went to Louisiana-Lafayette, which most people in Louisiana would probably agree is not "The University of Louisiana."

Panthers players who went to Ohio State, like Ted Ginn and Kurt Coleman, might be able to get their revenge this week. Carolina plays in prime time against on Monday against the Colts

Charles Tillman had some fun at Ohio State's expense on Sunday. (USATSI)
Charles Tillman had some fun at Ohio State's expense on Sunday. (USATSI)

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