Some Seattle Seahawks fans learned an important lesson on Sunday: Never leave a game early -- or you might miss your team comeback from a 16-0 halftime deficit for an improbable overtime win that catapults them to the Super Bowl.

With the Seahawks trailing the Packers 19-7 late in the fourth quarter, some fans decided they had seen enough and started to make their way out of the stadium. 

After a Russell Wilson touchdown run with 2:09 left, a few fans seemed to realized the leaving early might have been a mistake, so they came back.

The only problem? There's no re-entry. 

Since they couldn't get back in the stadium, the fans that had left the game early were forced to watch from anywhere they could. 

The fans on the outside probably weren't able to see much, but I'm guessing they figured out what happened when a BEASTQUAKE hit. Marshawn Lynch's 24-yard touchdown run with 1:25 left gave the Seahawks their first lead of the game. 

And if the fans didn't feel the Beastquake, they probably heard the insanely loud cheer made by the fans who stayed in the stadium after Wilson's game-winning 35-yard touchdown pass to Jermaine Kearse in overtime. 

Never leave a game early or this could happen to you. (Twitter)
Never leave a game early or this could happen to you. (Twitter)