Poor K.J. Dillon. The Houston Texans rookie safety is a frugal fella, drafted in the fifth round out of West Virginia and holding a $2.5 million deal over the first four years of his career. Dillon just wants to order some salads and save some money.

That's not happening when he's forced to go out to eat with a bunch of Texans veterans, who decided to stick him with the bill at Pappa's restaurant.

Dillon tweeted a picture of the bill he had to pay, a whopping $16,255.20 tab, which was the number before tip came in.

It appears Dillon deleted the tweet -- turns out people get riled up about these things -- but we saved a screenshot of the bill in question.

via KJ Dillon on Twitter

Let's look at some notable items in play here:

Seven orders of sea bass with lobster ($349.65)
Two filet mignons ($105.90)
Two broiled Atlantic salmon ($83.90)
22 Hennessy Pardis Imperial ($7,700.00)
One Caesar salad ($12.95)

Wait, what? One salad? Who ordered that during this deep dive into the land of excess? Turns out it was actually Dillon.

The worst part is he bought more than $8,000 worth of booze and he didn't even get a buzz out of it.

Suffice to say that Dillon isn't rolling out to get lobster tacos or steak for lunch the following day.

The price of the dinner is part of rookie hazing you see pretty regularly in the NFL, with youngsters getting stuck for the tab during expensive dinners where veterans rack up huge bills, eat exorbitant amounts of food and throw down some high-end drinks.

To be clear, though, Dillon doesn't mind, because he says he gets hooked up frequently from the veterans on the team.

It's nothing new, per se, but there's still a ton of sticker shock when you see it posted.