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The Houston Texans are getting new uniforms for the 2024 season, set to be unveiled in April. The franchise decided to reveal at least one of the jerseys before the scheduled release date. 

On the team's social media account, the Texans dropped what will be their new road uniforms for the 2024 season and beyond. This is the first significant change to the uniform since the franchise's inception in 2002. 

The uniform unveil was actually leaked on Reddit on Monday morning and was making the rounds on the Texans page. Texans team chairman Cal McNair actually acknowledged the leak on Reddit and created a post of his own with the road uniform.

The helmet appears to look the same, as the Texans aren't expected to alter the logo they had since the Texans name was revealed in 2000. There is supposed to be the "H-Town Blue" uniforms made famous by the Houston Oilers, but that won't be present on all the jerseys (evident by the road uniforms). There was a social media post teasing the "H-Town Blue" alternate uniform, but that post was deleted. 

The blue used in this uniform is actually the "deep shade blue" Houston used in its inaugural uniforms back in 2002, another nod to Texans history. The Texans are also believed to have a "Battle Red" alternate jersey as well, but the future of the helmet that debuted in 2022 is uncertain. 

NFL fans will have to wait-and-see come April.