The uncanny resemblance between Carson Wentz and Prince Harry has officially sent the internet into a frenzy. 

Are they twins? Are they the same person? Are they long lost cousins? The internet was asking the important questions on Monday after Prince Harry became a national headline following his engagement to Meghan Markle. 

Prince Harry and Wentz look so much alike that I'm now convinced that this internet conspiracy theory might not even be a conspiracy theory and it might just be a fact. 

Even Wentz's teammates aren't sure what exactly is going on. After the engagement announcement, Eagles wide receiver Torrey Smith said what we were all thinking: No one has ever seen the two guys in the same room. 

The two look so much alike that the Eagles now feel that they can safely use their pictures interchangeably without anyone noticing. 

Right now, there seems to be four leading theories about what is going on here. 

Theory one: They're the same person. 

Theory two: They're twins. 

Theory three: They're not twins, but they are brothers. 

Theory four: They're at least half-brothers. 

Let's definitely not rule out theory No. 1 because they could be the same person. After all, we do know for a fact that Prince Harry knows how to throw a football

If it turns out that none of these theories are correct and that it's just a pure coincidence that they look alike, that could actually end up being good news for Wentz. In that case, if his football career doesn't pan out, he probably could make some serious money by moving to England and spending the rest of his life as a Prince Harry impersonator.