Through two weeks of the preseason, we haven't really seen anyone take advantage of the NFL newly relaxed touchdown celebration rules, and I'm guessing that's because most players are saving their best dances for the regular season. 

However, that's not the case with Lions wide receiver Marvin Jones, who got two teammates to join him in a celebration following a touchdown against the Jets on Saturday. 

The fun started in the second quarter after Jones caught a pretty impressive five-yard touchdown pass from Matthew Stafford

After the catch, Golden Tate and another Lions teammate approached Jones in the end zone so they could help him with his celebration. 

From there, the three did a TD celebration that lasted a full 10 seconds. 

I'm no touchdown celebration expert, but I think Jones is doing a double-dutch jump rope celebration there, and I have to say, I really like the effort from Tate. 

Last year, that celebration probably would've drawn about seven penalty flags, but not this year, thanks to the league's TD celebration rule changes that the NFL approved back in May

Jones' touchdown reception gave the Lions a 10-0 lead. The receiver caught a total of four passes for 34 yards before exiting the game. 

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