If the Browns decide to get completely crazy during the first round of the draft on Thursday, it looks like the NFL will be ready.

The league's official Instagram account posted a picture on Wednesday showing off the draft jerseys that each player will be given on the stage after they're selected during the first round on Thursday. 

Basically, after a player is selected, they head to the stage, where they hug Roger Goodell and show off their jersey, which features a No. 1 on the back since they were selected in the first round. 

Here's an example from last year. 

Who will be holding a Browns jersey on Thursday? USATSI

Apparently, the NFL is afraid the Browns might get kind of crazy in the first round this year because the league apparently has five jerseys prepared for Thursday night. 

Fresh jerseys ready for Draft Night! 📷: @ben_liebenberg/NFL

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In the photo, you'll notice that there's multiple 49ers jerseys and multiple Bears jerseys, but the Browns could be the only team that has five (the angle of the photo makes it hard to tell). 

I haven no clue what kind of situation would have to take place for the Browns to land five first-round picks, but this is the Browns we're talking about, and they always seem to throw common sense out the window at draft time, so anything's possible. 

Of course, maybe the league decided on five jerseys because they plan on giving one away, or in case one of them tears sometime between now and Thursday night. It's always good to have extras on hand. 

Anyway, as things stand, the Browns currently hold a total of 11 picks in the 2017 draft, which is tied with the Bengals for the most in the NFL. Of those picks, two of them are first-rounders, which means the Browns will likely be handing out at least two new jerseys on Thursday night. 

The Browns also have two second-round picks and three fifth-round picks, so maybe they start dumping those to move back into the first round to make a third pick. 

On the other hand, maybe the Browns should just trade out of the first round all together, because if they've proven one thing over the past few years, it's that they can't handle multiple first-round picks. In 2014, the Browns had two first-rounders and spent their picks on Justin Gilbert and Johnny Manziel. In 2012, the Browns also had two first-round picks, spending those on Trent Richardson and Brandon Weeden. Ouch. 

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The draft kicks off at 8 p.m. ET from Philadelphia on Thursday.