If you ever wanted to walk a mile in Tom Brady's shoes, hopefully you were in Boston on Thursday because that was probably your best chance to ever make it happen.

The Patriots quarterback gave away three pairs of his own shoes over the course of the day. However, since this is Brady we're talking about, he didn't technically give away shoes, but UGGs. Also, he didn't technically give them away; you had to win them in a scavenger hunt.

The hunt started around noon on Facebook when Brady announced that he would hiding three pairs of UGGs around Boston. I bet Paul Revere never did anything like this.

These weren't just any UGGs either, Brady was giving away some old UGGs that he's actually worn, which raised an obvious question.

Brady dropped the slippers off in three locations throughout Boston, and although I'm not sure who ended up with the UGGs, I do know who didn't end up with the UGGs: this guy.

That guy's name is Luke Barosky, and he's now missing a tooth after going on a failed expedition to find Brady's shoes. Barosky wrote on Facebook that he went out searching for a pair of shoes in Dorchester Heights.

During his search, he says he "sprinted like the wind," then "fell like a stone," which caused two cuts and a missing tooth. I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say if that was the end of Barosky's tale, it would likely go down as the greatest Tom Brady UGG scavenger hunt war story of all-time.

But wait, there's more.

The Patriots quarterback responded to Barosky's story and said he'd send the brave scavenger his own pair of signed UGGs.

A tooth for a pair of Brady's shoes? Seems like a fair trade-off.

If everyone in Boston starts knocking their own teeth out, now you'll know why.