Being a pitchman for Aston Martin might sound like an easy job, but apparently, there's at least one downside: Everyone wants a free car from you. 

When Tom Brady announced on Friday that he had signed a multi-year deal with the British car manufacturer to pitch the company's DB11 model, Brady made the announcement by posting a picture of himself with the car on Instagram. 

I’m no James Bond but… Proud to announce my new partnership with @astonmartinlagonda!

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If you're thinking, "Wow, that's a nice car, but I probably can't afford one." It appears that some of Brady's teammates had the same thought ...

After Brady posted the picture, several of his teammates saw the car, and let's just say they didn't waste any time asking Brady to hook them up with a free ride. 

The first player to ask for a free Aston Martin was Malcolm Butler, who wrote "Get me one" on Instagram. I'm not sure Butler completely thought this one through. If I were him, I would've written, "Hey, remember when you won that Super Bowl MVP award in a game that we only won because I intercepted Russell Wilson on the 1-yard line, well, if you want to pay me back, I really like that car you're sitting on." 

For the record, the Aston Martin that Brady's sitting on will cost you $211,995 if you want to buy it, which means it's probably out of Butler's price range. The Patriots defensive back only made $600,000 in 2016, which means buying the car would cost him 35 percent of his salary. 

On the other hand, he might be able to buy it next offseason since he'll pull in a total of $3.91 million in 2017. 

The other player who quickly asked Brady for a free car was Jacoby Brissett. The Patriots third string quarterback, who only pulled in $360,524 in base salary last season, wrote "I wonder when we get to pick our [car] out" to Jimmy Garoppolo on Instagram. 

If I were Brissett, I probably would've just said, "Tom, I'm a poor rookie who won't be able to afford an Aston Martin anytime soon, please give me one."

If Brissett and Butler are smart, they'll keep badgering Brady until he gives them a free car. 

Anyway, the big winners here could be the Patriots offensive line. If they protect Brady all season, Santa Tom might be in a giving mood come Christmas time, although that might not be a great gift because I'm not sure that an offensive linemen would fit in an Aston Martin.