It's not often that an NFL player is willing to break the league's substance abuse policy with thousands of people watching, but that's exactly what Marshawn Lynch did last month, and we know that, because he actually admitted to it. 

During the Raiders' final home game on Dec. 24, Lynch was given the honor of lighting the Al Davis Memorial Torch before kickoff, which wouldn't be news, except that after he lit the torch he decided to light something else: a blunt. 

Oh, and his actions were caught on camera. 

Although it certainly looked like Lynch was lighting a blunt in the Al Davis Memorial Torch, no one was actually able to confirm it until Friday, when Bill Maher got Beast Mode to spill the details on his blunt story during an appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher.

During the interview with Maher, Lynch was asked flat out if he lit a blunt at the game, and Beast Mode didn't even try to deny it. 

"I did. True," Lynch said. "I think it was only right to send the Raiders off in a real Oakland way."

That sound you hear is the NFL rewriting its substance abuse policy to include, "No player is allowed to light a blunt at an NFL stadium." 

Although lighting a blunt isn't necessarily against the NFL's substance abuse policy, smoking marijuana definitely is and since Lynch is still an active player, he is now fully expecting to hear from the NFL about his situation. 

"I don't think they caught on yet, but I'm pretty sure now, at this point, something will take place," Lynch said. 

Of course, the NFL can only punish Lynch if he decides to play another year of football, and at this point it's not clear what the running back is going to do. Lynch's contract with the Raiders is set to expire in March, which means he could end up retiring. Beast Mode sounded open to playing in 2019, but he still hasn't made any decisions.  

"If it works out that way then I will," Lynch said of playing next season, via Pro Football Talk. 

The one big wrench in Lynch's plans for 2019 is that he has no idea where the Raiders are going to play.  When Lynch came out of retirement in 2017, he did it because he wanted to play for his hometown team in Oakland. However, if Oakland doesn't have a team in 2019, which is a very real possibility, Lynch might end up deciding to just call it quits. It's also possible he could end up choosing to retire if the NFL decides to punish him for his pot show at the Raiders' home finale.