It's safe to say Martellus Bennett has differing views on the NFL's CTE crisis than New York Jets rookie safety Jamal Adams. On Tuesday, Adams told a crowd of Jets fans that he would be perfectly OK with dying on the football field. 

"If I had a perfect place to die, I would die on the field," he said. 

Bennett responded to that idea via his Twitter account. 


He wasn't the only one that criticized Adams' stance. Keana McMahon, ex-wife of late Pittsburgh Steelers offensive lineman Justin Strzelczyk, also sounded off. "I don't even know what to say. This guy [Adams] doesn't know what's coming down the pipeline. He has no idea what dealing with someone who has CTE is like," McMahon told the New York Daily News.

A recent study showed that all but one of 111 brains of former NFL players had signs of CTE, and it's obviously become one of the most serious issues facing the league and the future of football as a sport. Adams may have delighted fans by saying that he was willing to die on the field, but he also showed a rather cavalier attitude toward a potentially serious health issue he could face later in his life.