The court is now in session for The Veterans vs. Pete Carroll, as Michael Bennett gave yet another reason that the Seattle Seahawks may have dealt him to the Philadelphia Eagles via trade earlier this offseason. As the Legion of Boom's messy breakup continues, Bennett is confirming some things that Richard Sherman said about Carroll's coaching habits.

Not for nothing, but Carroll responded last month to Sherman's claims that Carroll's style was meant more for college, saying that Sherman "has been saying stuff his whole career, so this is nothing different. I've been through so much of what he has said, I take it all with a grain of salt. He's just battling. He's just trying to figure it out."

Sherman, who joined the San Francisco 49ers this offseason after the Seahawks released him coming off of a ruptured Achilles, said that "Four years, guys rotate in, rotate out, and so we had kind of heard all his stories, we had kind of heard every story, every funny anecdote that he had. And honestly because he just recycles them. And they're cool stories, they're great for team chemistry and building, et cetera, et cetera. But we had literally heard them all. We could recite them before he even started to say them."

While the idea of Pete Carroll as a dawdling old man telling the same two stories over and over again is a pleasing one, veterans were not a fan of his practices. Bennett told Sports Illustrated's Greg Bishop that "he'd read books during team meetings last year because he'd already heard whatever Pete Carroll was saying," via ESPN's Brady Henderson. Hopefully he was reading a dictionary or something similar just to really get the point across.

Bennett's production will be tough to match for the Seahawks, and if Sherman returns to full strength, his will be too. Earl Thomas is still in Seattle, and of course the team is built around quarterback Russell Wilson, a far cry from the Super Bowl team we saw in 2014.

However, it appears that Seahawks ownership ruled in favor of Coach Carroll. And even if the new guard can't replicate the Legion of Boom's success, at least the locker room won't know Carroll's stories heading into this year.