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The New York Giants rallied from a 17-3 deficit to shut out the Green Bay Packers in the second half and pull off a stunning 27-22 upset on the road in London. While there were plenty of highlights from the game had Giants fans excited with the club of to its best start since 2009, it was a clip from the sideline that has generated the most online buzz.

Darnay Holmes, the Giants' top slot cornerback, became the subject of a viral video after he was spotted on the sidelines receiving treatment out in the open instead of inside a medical tent. Holmes could be seen with his pants down and his backside partially exposed while a trainer did work around Holmes' quad and thigh area.

Holmes has since been the butt of many jokes online. And Tuesday night, Holmes issued a response on his Twitter account while also sharing that he was turning the moment into an NFT.

"Y'all need to chill, the tent wasn't available!", Holmes wrote. "Everyone's having so much fun with this vid so I decided to team up with@momentoNFT and turn it into a nft. Gonna give away some signed balls and do some live streams too"

As the good feelings from the Giants' 4-1 start continue to escalate, Holmes' video has become a great joke both outside the locker room and within it as well. Speaking on WFAN on Tuesday, Giants safety Julian Love couldn't help but laugh when the video was brought up.

"I knew that was gonna just instantly blow up. Like, dang Darnay, you're getting freaky on the sidelines? I don't know what's going on," Love said. "...We're all like 'Why didn't you block yourself? You see the fans are right behind you.' Like, usually when you have to do something that requires you to pull down your pants or do something like that, you get covered. But he was just trying to get done as quick as possible, apparently.

"... He's laughed through it all ... Everybody is laughing, but he's laughing with it."

Holmes was a fourth-round pick by the Giants in the 2020 NFL Draft and has since played 28 career games with 10 starts in the slot. Holmes has 13 tackles and two passes defensed this season with a forced fumble in the Giants' Week 2 win over the Carolina Panthers.